“Strategy 2020: Towards a long-term development”

February 9 2009 19:35

Do everything to the financial crisis was the catalyst for restructuring the Russian economy – to such a conclusion reached at the section “Economy” forum “Strategy 2020″, held on the theme “The economic crisis as an opportunity to development.” The meeting was held in the Chamber of Commerce in Russia. Moderator by the President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs Alexander Shokhin.

The discussion was attended by First Deputy Head of Presidential Administration Vladislav Surkov, deputy minister of economic development of Russia Stanislav Resurrection, the head of the central executive committee of United Russia’s Andrei Vorobyov, chief editor of Profil magazine, Mikhail Leontiev, director general of the Criminal Code of Alfa Capital, Michael Khabarov, president of the “Neocon” Mikhail Khazin, the economist Mikhail Yuriev.

Michael Hazin believes that the Russian crisis has little relation to the world, “as the global crisis is a crisis of overproduction, and ours – a lack of capital. Outflow of capital has occurred due to the fact that profitability has fallen economy, which remained at high oil prices. And so Our goal today – to improve the profitability of the economy “- said Khazin.

He was supported by TV presenter Mikhail Leontiev. “The current crisis – a crisis of a particular type of economic life and management of the world, which was based on the right of a global leader in absolute parasitism”, – said Leontiev. As he said, Americans “want to make everybody pay for their crisis by delaying the fall and extending its economy at any cost.”

“The problem is not that the elite do not understand the nature of the crisis, and that there is no unity in the understanding of the development goals of the country” – said economist Michael Yuriev.

First Deputy Head of Presidential Administration Vladislav Surkov, in turn, spoke of the long-term program development. He noted that the crisis may slow but not stop the movement of long-term development goals. Objectives of the program in 2020 should not be lost and washed out. In addition, today there are two strategic lines: the first – a qualitative change in the economy, which is impossible without changes in society, the second – in need of social support, improving people’s lives.
Vladislav Surkov said he was confident that today, when our resources are declining, most importantly to keep the course and find the means to develop and transition our economy to another, higher level. “We must do everything so that the crisis was the catalyst for restructuring the Russian economy”, – concluded Shokhin.

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