EAT-Transport & Logistics Company: “Expert Club speaks on Customs Union”

18 November

The Customs Union may be an effective measure for Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus to withstand the economic crisis. This opinion was voiced by a Russian analyst at a meeting of the «Expert» club. Mikhail Khazin noted that the Customs Union countries should, above all, abandon part of their imports through domestic production. This will have a positive impact not only on GDP rates, but also the macroeconomic development of the other participating countries.

Mikhail Khazin, President, NEOCOM International Consulting (Russia)
«The Customs Union is a tool aimed at restoring domestic production in Russia and Kazakhstan. Clearly, if Russia has some big facility, it doesn’t make sense to build it in Kazakhstan. However, we still lack many things, so in that sense, there will be room for construction. Kazakhstan has had this program for several years and in this context, Kazakhstan strongly outstripped Russia. Russia has only started doing this.»

Yuri Shevtsov, Director, Center for European Integration (Belarus)
«The most important thing is indeed the formation of a common market with a very large number of people and more or less level playing field. This will allow for adapting our economies and political systems for sustainable and long-term work in this market.»


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