This site is dedicated everyone who wants to understand what are the causes and possible consequences of recent economic events which unless measures are taken can lead to catastrophic consequences. Here, we present a point of view of “new” school of economics which is primarily based on principles European socialist terries that were later further developed in the Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc countries. We see this important because we think that with collapse of the Soviet Union, a lot of useful knowledge was abandoned as many people assumed that if a country collapsed that the country’s leaders had a faulty system.


Mikhail KHAZIN, “the World on the threshold of a new era”

Author: Mikhail Khazin

Article is published in magazine “Friendship of peoples”, N7 from 2012. This text is a compilation of the editors of a number of my articles.

the world Today is facing a fundamental, radical collapse. In strength and scope it immeasurably superior scrapped 1917 and 1991, because in those cases were known and even, in some sense, familiar ideas, within which went changes. Now no description language, no alternative ideas.

Last time in history such a situation arose in Europe in the XVI-XVII centuries, when, after more than a thousand years, Christianity began a violent scrapping in ideology and economy of feudalism. It was the hardest time, and God forbid, to repeat. To avoid this you should even before the changes will destroy all the protective civilizational mechanisms, propose new ideas, not less civilized scale. But they have not been found yet.

what is The essence of which began before our eyes for a change?

the Main problem today is that exhausted mechanism ensuring that economic and human development for several hundred years.

Birth technological zones

Modern model of development that is now called “scientific-technical progress,”, was issued in XVII-XVIII centuries in Western Europe after “the value of the revolution,” XVI-XVII centuries, which withdrew held sway over a thousand years the ban on usury. Of course, like any biblical prohibition, he was not followed completely, but in the system of economic relations in General, loan interest is not used. There, where it was used almost legally in the trading republics of the type of Venice and Genoa, – he played rather the role of the insurance premium. The actual production processes were built on the shop-floor principles under which both the volume and technology, and the nomenclature of production were heavily restricted.

I will Not discuss the reasons for the emergence of capitalism (i.e. capital as a source of profit at the expense of the loan interest), but I draw your attention to one fundamental fact: with his appearance there was a serious problem – what to do with the product?

No secret that pozdneantichnaya manufactory provide high productivity of labour – definitely higher than the medieval Guild production. However, contrary to the thesis of Marx, she lost her place less productive feudalism. Why? But the fact is that textile mills of that time was not markets, slaveholding society simply not created a sufficient amount of consumers. Until the Roman state supported the city plebs (gave him “bread and circuses”) due to non-economic sources of income for the military production and silver mines in Spain manufactory worked quite successfully. Then they were bound to die.

a Similar problem inevitably waited and emerging centers of capitalism. Yes, there were sources of money, which could create manufactory. But excessive production and new, innovative products required new consumers. Where to find them? The only place sales could become the external market.

of Course, the exported products should exceed local and cheaper, and be of higher quality or just the new (relatively speaking, plow instead of ploughs)and therefore its receipt inevitably eroded local production, which, in turn, Supplement the army of the unemployed on the ground and laid the ground for the development of capitalism. Should recollect the history of ring-fencing in England “sheep ate people”, because the resulting fabric way tissue were cheaper fabrics, handmade, or a terrible famine in India, when, as written by the eyewitnesses, at roadsides lay the bones of the dead from famine hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of weavers and their families, failed in competition with zavozimimi from England factory fabrics…

However, in a certain sense, lyrical digression. The main thing is the priority financing of innovations. Invest in production of conventional products and services, as well as in the development of new makes sense only if constantly expanding markets. On the one hand, they should ensure the distribution steadily cheaper traditional products, and other upgrades “technological metropolis” extra income, okupayuschih production of innovative products.

Accordingly, in the XVIII century, began the development of the so-called technological zones (the term Oleg V. Grigorieva, developed the corresponding theory in the early 2000s), which have become so “technological metropoles” and gradually expanded its markets and political influence. Sometimes “technological metropolis” and just metropolis match. Britain categorically forbade the development of production in their colonies, they were to remain pure raw appendage. Even the financial system was adjusted to the colonies could not occur independent sources of capital. In the UK went paper money (GBP), banned from export, and in the colonies – minted “field” gold coins, Guinea, who all who wanted to come or to return home, should carry with them.

UK and became the first technology area. The second could be France, but she was a victim of the great French revolution and the Napoleonic wars, but because of their area of’t formed and, moreover, became part of the British zone. Second production area became Germany, which has included in its composition (as technological zone, not the state) of Austria-Hungary, Italy, Northern and Eastern Europe as well as Russia. Finally, this area was formed after the victory in the Franco-Prussian war, by the end of the 60s of the XIX century.

Third area created us, after the liberation from British colonial rule who have had the opportunity to develop their industry, growth rates of which are particularly accelerated during the Civil war, 1861-1865. The fourth in the early twentieth century became Japan.

However, by the end of the XIX century the first three zones began their expansion in the Atlantic basin has been dramatically slow down, as more free markets. What this meant in terms of capital? And the fact that investments in innovations and new production became less and less profitable. The crisis began falling capital efficiency. Notice and understand it, it was rather difficult, because the process was uneven and in individual sectors and in different regions, but the idea that for the normal development of capitalism needs expanding sales markets, there was already Adam Smith. In the beginning of the last century it became a source of dispute between Lenin and Rosa Luxemburg, the latter actively criticized the thesis of Lenin that “capitalism itself creates markets”. Luxembourg, as we understand, was right, but because of this dispute, the theme for many decades has in the USSR “taboo”, that in many respects and has led the country to ruin.

Outcome of the above-mentioned crisis was the sharp increase in the cyclical crises of the former before the ordinary, but not critical phenomenon. Now they have become much longer. Depression after the crisis of 1907 even twenty years ago was called in the us “the great”. Most importantly, it became clear that the only way to continue development is to redistribute markets in their favor. The first world war was the battle for markets with only a direct result of one of the technological zones, which had not only its own production, but on their own monetary system, this system has lost. There were and indirect but important consequence: the coming to power in the former Russian Empire party, which managed to do something that could not be national bourgeoisie Tsar’s time – to build its own high-tech area. The fifth and last.

To the beginning of the twentieth century, the market, which was necessary to monitor a truly independent state, was about 50 million consu-


I Want to clarify that in this context is meant by the word “independence” and it is not quite accurate synonymous with “self-sufficiency”. The independent state of it is, the economy of which has independent from external factors the kernel. Firstly, it has all (or almost all, except unimportant) sectors of the economy. Secondly, in all of these industries, the state is at the world’s advanced positions or can get to them quickly enough. And, thirdly, the country can long enough to develop even in the absence of external trade. Isolation for some time, should not become a catastrophe for it.

Really independent state may not have an independent economy. Reverse same, generally speaking, can be wrong.

so, by the beginning of the last century in Europe there are only six really independent States which have a self-sufficient economy. The Russian Empire, German, Austro-Hungary, France, Britain, and possibly Spain. All other countries will inevitably had to join as satellites or “Junior” partners to associations, headed by one of the listed countries.

the First world war has not solved the basic economic contradictions. For the redivision of markets needed a second war, came out unharmed only two technological zones of the five. German and Japanese simply disappeared, and Britain before the end of the war claim to own zone refused to allow the U.S. to trade with the colonies of the United Kingdom, bypassing London.

As expected, the first time the United States is well developed, mastered new markets, make bombs and exploded in space… But then started having the same problems with sales.

by The middle of the twentieth century, the markets, which was necessary to control the country to ensure self-sustaining and developing economy amounted to about 500 million people. At this moment truly independent and leaders of major cross-country associations could be only two States, not more. And left only the USSR and the USA. China and India were not taken into account – they were not in the consumer markets in the modern sense of the word, their economies were mostly natural character. However, the world economy continued to grow and by the end of the third quarter of the twentieth century market volumes necessary for the normal development of self-sufficient economy, amounted to about one billion people… And it became clear that the world may remain only one independent state.

Unaccomplished victory

Contrary to popular opinion, the chances to become the winner kneel on the side of the Soviet Union.

Crisis was not to pass both sverhderzhavam. But as the volume of the markets of the Soviet zone was substantially less than the us, the us, the crisis began earlier, in the early 60-ies. However, disparities due to the Soviet planned economy, if possible, offset, so that the crisis was developing slowly. By the end of the 70s we only come out at zero growth in the economy. Whereas in the USA it all started though later, but fast and hard. 1971 – the default, refusal to exchange dollars for gold, then defeat in the Vietnam war. 1973-74 years – the oil crisis, soaring oil prices and, accordingly, costs, then stagflyatsiya1. It has been a natural crisis of the fall of the capital efficiency, reincarnation crisis of the late XIX – early XX century. Marx could smile: capitalism faced defeat in full accordance with his theory, but not because socialism grew faster, but because he has to fall slower.

Aware of whether the members of the Politburo after the catastrophic “oil” the crisis of 1973, that the Soviet Union won “the cold war,” and that they had to decide whether or not to pursue the enemy and force the destruction “Western” the economy and the USA? I have quite a lot of effort spent trying to understand if this was a question formulated in an explicit form, and how the answer was given. My investigation (which consisted in talks with former high-ranking functionaries of the Central Committee of the CPSU and the KGB) has shown the following. First, the question was posed. Secondly, the answer was reduced to two much more simple, and most importantly, technological problems.

One of them concerned the possibilities to control the territory of the USSR, which were at that time in the zone of influence of the USA. After the collapse “the sovereign” there will inevitably had to begin uncontrolled, largely destructive and dangerous for the world processes. The second concerned the readiness of the USSR to be one on one with China, which had already started in technological revolution.

Answers to both these questions were negative – the country’s leaders came to the conclusion that the USSR does not control almost half of the world, skativayuschuyusya to totalitarianism, the scourge of terrorism and anarchy, while limiting the growing opportunities in China. USSR started a process which later got the name “discharge”.

In fact it was a long chain of concessions to the enemy. The Soviet Union entered into negotiations with the United States on strategic arms, which lowered the acuteness of the budgetary problems of America. West was in acute oil crisis, and the USSR began delivering there oil and gas. Ideologists of capitalism did not know how to deal with the Soviet ideological and political pressure (it is enough to read the texts, which were written at the time, Kissinger and Brzezinski), and the USSR went into the talks on humanitarian issues, which culminated in the signing in 1975 of the famous act in Helsinki, including the so-called “humanitarian basket” – it and then lay in the basis of the total criticism of the USSR/Russia in terms of violations “human rights”.

in Other words, the USSR authorities decided to keep the status quo – not expand at the expense of destruction of a competitor, and try to gain a foothold in a more or less fixed boundaries of the project territories. It was the most fundamental mistake – as if the child is not simply refused to grow, but would take measures for the effective implementation of this idea (for example, instead of school continued to walk for many years in the kindergarten).

meanwhile, The management of the USA has found a way out. It was necessary to start new “technological wave”, which cannot be done on the decline, and without war. And since expand markets cannot, you need this extension to imitate. The us monetary authorities started promoting final demand, and that was the essence of policy “reiganomiki”.

the Aim was achieved: new “technological wave” is running, the USSR broke up – and as technological area, and as a separate country. Theoretically at this point they needed to stop. Had assets (including markets), received on the disintegration of the enemy, “close” the debt formed over a decade “reiganomiki”. However, the authorities at the time had already come the Clinton administration – minions of wall Street, for which emission and the creation of new debt was the main source of income. Instead of “close the tap”, they used the assets received as collateral under new debts. As a consequence, come “the Golden age” Clinton, who replaced the permanent crisis of the 2000s. And today, we can safely say that the current crisis is the reincarnation of the crisis of the 70s. Another crisis of the fall of the capital efficiency. Just before the fall took place in the framework of competition of several technological areas, and today – one. Actually it does not.

there Is another subtlety. The previous two crisis were felt in the situation more or less natural accumulation of debts. An exception was the beginning of 30-ies. Then the horror “the great” depression was largely due to the fall in private demand after the 20-ies, when he stimulated by several credit mechanism. Now ends the period of mass stimulate demand through mechanism “reiganomiki”, so all will not slow decay (as it was in 80-ies in the USSR), and the preceding very deep drop.

But its not so bad. The main thing is that denies the mechanism of scientific and technical progress, which for several centuries defined the development of mankind. He exhausted. Completely. He has no other resource.

Therefore, Russia will face serious problems related to the write-off of excessive debt and, accordingly, destruction of the world financial system. This means that a search for a new model of development we will not in the quiet rooms, with the front at least several decades, and in the extremely hard social-political conditions. As much as possible to explain that the problems of Egypt, we do not threaten, but let’s think straight: our difference is only this: that a large part of the population of Egypt is spending on food 80 per cent of their income, and we are only 40. But with the growth of prices, which is observed today, for how long do we have to wait?

Celebration loan interest

it is in the period of refusal of the victory in “the cold war” actually started refusal from basic principles “red” the project. Later, in the second half of the 1980s, Gorbachev announced that the Soviet Union no longer carry the world on their values, because it goes to the values of the “universal”.

Abandoning the Soviet system of globalization, Gorbachev will inevitably put us in the system of globalization “Western” the project, as the other did not.

On the concept of global projects I already told readers “peoples ‘ Friendship” in the 6-th issue of the magazine for 2009. Now I only recall the basic provisions.

the Basis of any global project is an otherworldly idea that goes far beyond the visible and tangible space. Moreover, initially such an otherworldly idea should be certified as True for everyone at all times and without alternatives. However, that is not enough. In order that the masses of people, fascinated by the whole idea started its implementation worldwide, it is necessary to translate this idea into a political dimension, which in fact are implemented any ideas. For the successful deployment of a global project must be situated in the reference country. It should be large, powerful economically and militarily. Only a strong country, being the recognized leader of the project may deter other States from incessant conflicts with each other and provide join new groups. From this moment, the global project becomes hierarchical, managed from a single center and frankly an expansionist.

During the history of humankind such supramundane ideas arose not so much. In our country more or less known to history only three projects: Christianity (which has long been split up into several projects), Islam and Communism.

let’s Dwell on the situation of the last 500 years in Europe.

In the XVI century, after the catastrophic “Golden” the crisis, which occurred in the result of the sharp fall in gold prices, played then and almost all of written history) the role of a Single measure of value (EMN), and the subsequent destruction of the system of natural feudal economy, in Europe started to develop a new, Capitalist project. Its ideological base was the reformation. In the doctrinal level, this project has departed from a biblical value system and refused to one of the dogmas – the ban on usury, as the economic base of the Capitalist global project became lending rate. Ban, of course, could not be cancelled in dogmatics. In the theses of Martin Luther, for example, it is present in full, but was removed in the myth of the so-called “the Protestant ethics”. In the system of values has fundamentally changed the basic target. If the Christian project, in all its variations, basis is justice, then in a Capitalist – covetousness, avarice.

it is with the Capitalist project, with the presence of the loan interest, is another phenomenon of mankind – the so-called technological society. It could not create a single state or a civilization, which does not approve the loan interest. The only exception is the Soviet Union.

Gold in the retort

Capitalist project “explicitly” does not exist today. In the XIX century, there have been serious changes in its economic basis, significantly changed the basic values. It is connected with the fact that the dogmatic structure of the Capitalist project was unstable and strongly demanded changes. Any further failure of biblical values (new capitalist States still were largely Christian), or return to the ban on usury. It is noteworthy that were realized both ideas.

Both were born in the late XVIII century. The first of them, put in a basis “Western” the project became a workaround implementation of the centuries-old dream of the alchemists of the synthesis of gold in the retort. It is clear why sought to create a gold – at that time it was for the whole of mankind of a Uniform measure of value. Then came the simple solution: if it is impossible to synthesize gold, you should change the measure of the value – set such that you can create in the retort. And then control the vessel, not allowing him to anyone outside. It was from this idea (about the second I will discuss below) grew mechanism of financial capitalism, and then a new global project.

without going into details, we can say that today the uniform measure of value is the U.S. dollar. And the only “retort”, where it is born – the U.S. Federal reserve, a private firm, the owners of which are the largest investment banks on wall street. All the world’s financial system, with its institutions, such as IMF, World Bank and many others, their main objective, they are maintaining a monopoly fed on the money issue.

of Course, this project, which is being actively developed in the XIX-XX centuries flourished exclusively thanks to the lending rate. Its main stages was the creation of the first private Bank (with exclusive right to issue currency) in England in the middle of the XIX century, the creation of the FRS of the USA in beginning of XX century, the Bretton Woods agreements of 1944, cancel the binding of dollar to the gold in 1973 and, finally, the collapse “red” the project in 1991. And the name change from the Capitalist “West” is because ingrained in our media, expression “West” is commonly referred precisely to describe the design organizations “Western” global project – countries such as the us or UK, and some purely design formations, like the IMF, NATO, etc.

core values of the “Western” the project compared with the Capitalist has changed quite seriously. Precisely “Western” project we owe the creation of a new sermon on the mount “the Protestant ethics”, which de facto abolished the remaining biblical values. Yes, and the economy has undergone serious changes since the main riches have not created in the material sphere, not in production or for the account of the natural rent, and by unrestrained multiplication of purely financial assets. This model has led to the fact that the share of financial wealth, which in the XIX century were less than half of all assets of humanity, today constitute more than 99 percent. Only the amount of financial futures, for example, for oil exceeds the amount of physical oil (price terms) in the hundreds and thousands of times.

This method of creating assets “printing machines” given the already existing technological civilization has brought to life the phenomenon of “an over-consumption”. Development of the system of consumer credit on the basis of dollars issuance allowed us to dramatically increase the level of life of a considerable part of the population within the boundaries “Western” the project. However, it simultaneously reduced the desire to fight for the implementation of the design values, because the struggle inevitably reduces the standard of living. Before the collapse of the world system of socialism ordinary followers “Western” project rallied outside threat. After her disappearance, they are fully relaxed. The result is that one of the main directions of mezhproektnoy struggle, demographic, was “Western” the project lost forever.

in addition, changing the primary mode of production could not only seriously change the psychology of the project of the elite, but also sharply reduced its management part: today, the main design solutions “Western” project accepts the factually small group of people, consisting of forces from several dozen people.

Renaissance socialist ideas

now back to the fate of the second idea – a ban on usury.

In the XVIII century, almost simultaneously with the emergence of the idea of financial capitalism in the works of socialist utopian ideas appeared, which became a basis for development “red” the project. From the point of view of biblical doctrine, he was an attempt to return the prohibition of usury (in the form of socialization of the means of production). However, its ideology has one important feature is a serious bias in the social sphere, the strong development of social technologies.

Weak spot “red” the project is a complete lack of mystic component, which in the beginning was not very noticeable because of the contrast with the projects of the Capitalist and “Western”. However, when opponents started to learn from “red” project social technologies, this deficiency began to play an increasing role. It is possible that the desire to fill the gap explained by Stalin’s attempts to “revive” Orthodoxy in the 40s, but his death stopped these undertakings.

“Red” a project which developed in the USSR, so to speak, in a harsh “Communist” the form of lost, but didn’t disappear completely, and then passed in a latent form. Sharp drop in the standard of living in countries “Western” the project after the inevitable and imminent global economic crisis will inevitably produce a powerful Renaissance of socialist ideas.

In addition, most likely due to problems with the dollar as the Single measure of value, humanity, at least for a while), objectively will be forced to seriously consider the possibility of returning to the worldly practice biblical dogma about the ban on usury. The similar variant is supported by another circumstance.

the point is that in the VII century outside Europe arose another project on the biblical system of values – Islamic. He actively developed almost

1000 years, but the transition to the Imperial stage within the Ottoman Empire almost led to its freezing. And only in the XX century the attempts to “Western”, and “red” projects play in their own interests “the Islamic map” led to a revival of Islamic global project in the new edition. An important factor of its recovery was also demographic dynamics, which resulted in rapidly increased in population, of Muslim countries.

the Main feature of Islamic project is a very strong ideological component. It is connected with the fact that included directly in the dogmas of the Koran norms and rules make it active preachers virtually any media project. It distinguishes it from all other global projects for which such activity is characteristic only at the very early stages of development.

However, one should remember about the phenomenon of “technological civilization”. The main problem of Islamic project, which obviously breaks to control over Europe and is looking for a basic country for transition to a hierarchical stage, it is impossible to build up its own base of modern technological structure. Use the experience of the Capitalist and “Western” projects he can’t – loan percent in Islam categorically denied. For this reason, it is not excluded, that the penetration of Islam in Europe will take socialist tinge, that inevitably will correlate with the rise of similar sentiments in acute economic crisis.

in conclusion, a few words about China, which now stands at a crossroads. It is still not clear what development path he chooses. Raise if fallen banner “red” the project, that is going according to the international project of the way, or remain within the limits of purely national Empire, which, in principle, not be concerned about global processes, not directly affect the national interests of ethnic Chinese and their vassalage. Says a lot for the fact that communism in its classical form is not the purpose of the celestial Empire. China fully adapts capitalist tools, while the Communist paraphernalia is saved only then to soften the conversion.

it seems that China is not interested in creating your own global project nor at “red”nor on any other (for example, buddistsko-Confucian) basis than significantly limits its ability to control the world.

Crash “Western” project

In the early 1990s, the United States behaved in full accordance with the basic

design principles. They actively promote their values as “the only true and universal in the world” and stated that “fire and sword” vmenyat their humanity. We will not now speak about how this position is combined with biblical principles (although one of the interpretations of the parables of the “the tower of Babel” claims that “the tower” the American economy has to fall the same way and for the same reason that and Babel. But the fact remains that the attempt to build a global “the tower of Babel” American drawings, impose upon the world domination values “Western” the project is generally not very successful. And what was the reaction of the American government?

In my opinion, they began to move back. If we recall the policies of President Bush, we can clearly see the attempts to change its economic model. Roughly speaking, it is (explicitly or implicitly) considered the issue of returning to the Capitalist project, recovery from the economic crisis due to return to the initial Christian values (as opposed to liberalism and political correctness), about isolationism and reset with the U.S. budget gravity support of the global financial system. In other words, it was about the U.S. withdrawal from the “Western” the project.

Dollar continued and Bush’s successor. In his speech at the opening of the

64th session of the UN General Assembly in September 2009, us President Barack Obama said approximately the following: according to him, this year more than ever before, not just modern but in human history at all, “the interests of States and peoples are General hotel”. “it Is time for the world moved in a new direction”, – said the head of the White house. – We should start a new era of cooperation based on mutual interests and mutual respect and our work must begin right now”. (Surprisingly, this passage almost literally reproduces the thesis Mikhail Gorbachev about the new doctrine “the balance of interests”, which de was intended to replace “the balance of powers”.) Obama acknowledged that “many in the world began to look at America with skepticism and distrust,” and that the policy of the former us administration, accustomed to act unilaterally, has engendered in the world “reflexive anti-Americanism”.64th session of the UN General Assembly in September 2009, us President Barack Obama said approximately the following: according to him, this year more than ever before, not just modern but in human history at all, “the interests of States and peoples are General hotel”. “it Is time for the world moved in a new direction”, – said the head of the White house. – We should start a new era of cooperation based on mutual interests and mutual respect and our work must begin right now”. (Surprisingly, this passage almost literally reproduces the thesis Mikhail Gorbachev about the new doctrine “the balance of interests”, which de was intended to replace “the balance of powers”.) Obama acknowledged that “many in the world began to look at America with skepticism and distrust,” and that the policy of the former us administration, accustomed to act unilaterally, has engendered in the world “reflexive anti-Americanism”.

What should be, according to Obama, the coming “era of world relief”? “Ddesign principles. They actively promote their values as “the only true and universal in the world” and stated that “fire and sword” vmenyat their humanity. We will not now speak about how this position is combined with biblical principles (although one of the interpretations of the parables of the “the tower of Babel” claims that “the tower” the American economy has to fall the same way and for the same reason that and Babel. But the fact remains that the attempt to build a global “the tower of Babel” American drawings, impose upon the world domination values “Western” the project is generally not very successful. And what was the reaction of the American government?emocracy cannot be there in any co/p untry from outside. Each country will follow a path which is rooted in the culture of its people, and in the past, America has too often been selective in its promotion of democracy”. In other words, the us effective/ply to abandon their position of leader “Western” the project and will force impute the world its principles (which did not prevent the United States a couple of years to participate in a military aggression against Libya or, perhaps, will tell more precisely – to initiate this aggression).

Conclusions are simple. First, if the U.S. abandon its role of leader “Western” the project (regardless of whether they have the resources to continue this policy or off), the latter came to an end. So, sooner or later (taking into account the nascent global economic crisis – rather sooner) will decay and technological zones of the USA, i.e. the whole system of international division of labour, built on the American demand, expressed in dollar. One can argue what the implications will be, but the simplest thing is to remember the Russia of the 1990s, in which the cruelest technological degradation was caused not only openly anti-state policy “the liberal reformers”, but purely objective factors – the destruction of their own system of division of labor with the loss of most part of sales markets. And the same perspectives awaits us tomorrow and the whole world.

secondly, the us refusal from the hard impose their value base of the leaves the whole world is in a deep ideological vacuum. For the past couple of decades the people said that the socialist idea is the deliberate h parm (which was accompanied by a tremendous illustrative material, specially made). About what did with religious ideas supporters “human rights”, and “political correctness”, and say nothing. And if in the USSR/Russia could abandon the basic ideas, nodding to the fact that the alternative (“Western”) there are, today the situation is completely different: alternative way, no. That in itself is very dangerous and fraught with serious problems. Primarily by the collapse of the world on numerous and very hostile related to each other clusters. Thirdly, we should not forget that the us is quite complex society, which includes the media of various ideologies. Yes, today they all are under the strict control, which, in General, of course, because a high standard of living provided by the dominance of ideology “Western” global project. But as we know the example of the USSR, Heath “And” (i.e. abandoning dominance in the world for its ideology), will have to talk and “B” (decline of the same in the internal life). This means that in the medium term, the U.S. will vvergnutsya into the abyss of fierce ideological disputes and battles, which are unlikely to advance a speedy recovery from the economic crisis.

Ways to save power

Actually, battles are already underway. In the USA, in the EU, and in Russia rallies continued, with which the authorities are fighting those or other means. They fully aware of the direction of the unfolding situation:

in the United States, as written on the web, police and army trained on layouts American cities (almost life-size), in Russia are seriously discussing the possibility of increasing the taxes, including real estate and luxury. All of this suggests that the common negative nearest future the government understands that. But that’s the way she understands this?

notice rallies. Despite intensive efforts (yeah) to give them antivlastnuyu orientation, they are actually directed not against the government, and appeal to her. Society, more precisely, its most active part (and primarily performs “middle” class), tries to explain to the authorities that you have to change something in the policy. And she reacts quite peculiar – invents different ways, as would maintain the existing system at any cost.

the point is that the memory of mankind was not yet situation that the elite inhabited such colossal (and volume, and the relative proportion) piece of the common pie, with almost without bearing any responsibility for its activities. And it’s not even that nobody wants to refuse such happiness is clear. Another problem is that whatever the new socio-political system, it inevitably will provide much greater personal responsibility.

And here it’s simply terrible! Work these people do not simply because of their status and their income does not depend on


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The financial storm that has rocked the world began brewing in the US when congress pushed the idea of home ownership for all, propping up those who couldn’t make the down payments. When it all went wrong the government promised the biggest financial stimulus packages in history and gargantuan bailouts. But what crazed logic is that: propping up debt with more debt? “They’re giving alcohol to a drunk: it just sets him up for a bigger hangover.”

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